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Perform your agency tasks seamlessly and increase your revenue dramatically using the limitless power of AI… PLUS, Unlock Special ChatGPT Prompts Designed For The Local Market!

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16 Lessons On:

  • Market Pulse
  • Blueprint for Success
  • Ad Magic
  • Outreach Overdrive
  • Newsletter Navigators:
  • First Impressions
  • Smart Pricing
  • Walk the Talk
  • Team Transformers
  • Language Bridge
  • The Persuasion Toolkit
  • Seasonal Symphony
  • Inventory Architects
  • Feedback Frontiers
  • Lean Operations
  • Green Pathways
  • DFY Consultancy Pack

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Special “Prompt Powered” Training Reveals How You Can Dominate Your Local Market Using Free ChatGPT Account As Your Virtual Assistant 

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You Work Hard To Get Clients And Build Your Business. Finally, There's An Easy, Step-by-Step Training To Keep Those Clients And Scale Your Marketing Agency — Using AI.

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With AI Open Door, you have unlocked a special system to help you land clients…

But with those clients, you have also unlocked some extra work.

I’m talking about things like…

Creating contracts

Client onboarding

Writing email swipes

Client objections

Service delivery

Agency operations

Navigating tasks

Handling feedback

Content creation

Hiring outsources

All These Things MUST Be Dealt

With Care If You Want To Grow Your Agency And Retain Clients For Months And Years…

See, my goal with AI Open Door isn’t just to provide you with a system for landing clients… 

I aimed to ensure that you not only acquire those clients but also retain them… 

And most importantly, witness your agency or individual business growing at least 3x compared to its 2023 performance. 

So, I couldn’t resist creating a special "prompt-powered" training that covers all the points mentioned above… and a whole lot more. 

On top of that, I'll provide you with all the AI prompts needed for creating every asset a local business needs

Allow me to introduce you to…

Here’s what you’ll learn inside 

this special training:

Lesson 1:

Market Pulse: Analyzing Trends & Predictions

In this lesson, I'll emphasize the importance of staying ahead in the market by utilizing AI for Market Pulse Analysis. By understanding trends and making informed predictions, businesses can proactively adapt strategies, ensuring client satisfaction and retention over the long term.

Lesson 2:

Blueprint for Success: Efficient Contract Creation

Efficient Contract Creation is the focus of this lesson. I'll guide you through the use of AI tools to streamline and enhance contract creation, fostering strong and clear business relationships. This not only keeps clients satisfied but also provides a solid foundation for future growth.

Lesson 3:

Ad Magic: Crafting Compelling Ads for All Media

Crafting Compelling Ads for All Media is the key to capturing and retaining clients. Utilizing AI for ad creation ensures engagement across various platforms, helping businesses to continuously attract and retain their customer base.

Lesson 4:

Outreach Overdrive: Crafting Impactful Emails & Messages

Outreach Overdrive explores strategies for effective communication with potential clients or partners. By incorporating AI into email and message crafting, businesses can enhance their outreach efforts, establishing meaningful connections that contribute to long-term client relationships.

Lesson 5:

Newsletter Navigators: Engaging Audience through Regular Updates

In Newsletter Navigators, I'll show you how to use AI to create informative and engaging newsletters. Consistent communication through newsletters helps keep the audience connected, fostering client loyalty over time.

Lesson 6:

First Impressions: Streamlined Client Onboarding Forms

Effective Client Onboarding Forms are crucial for creating positive first impressions. This lesson guides you through utilizing AI to establish a smooth entry process for new clients, ensuring a positive start to the client-business relationship.

Lesson 7:

Smart Pricing: Strategies for Job Valuation

Smart Pricing Strategies, covered in this lesson, focus on using AI techniques to price services or products effectively. By employing intelligent pricing strategies, businesses can retain clients by offering competitive yet sustainable rates.

Lesson 8:

Walk the Talk: Client Delivery Walkthroughs

Walk the Talk involves client delivery walkthroughs to enhance transparency and trust. By utilizing AI for clear communication and process visualization, businesses can ensure clients understand and appreciate the delivery process, leading to long-term client satisfaction.

Lesson 9:

Team Transformers: Staff Training & Onboarding

Team Transformers explores staff training and onboarding with the help of AI. Equipping your team with the necessary skills and knowledge ensures optimal performance, contributing to client satisfaction and loyalty.

Lesson 10:

Language Bridge: Overcoming Barriers with Translation Services

Language Bridge covers overcoming barriers with translation services. By leveraging AI for content translation, businesses can effectively reach global or diverse local markets, enhancing client retention in diverse linguistic landscapes.

Lesson 11:

The Persuasion Toolkit: Objection Handling for Client Retention

The Persuasion Toolkit provides techniques for objection handling, crucial for client retention. Utilizing AI for effective objection resolution ensures clients feel heard and valued, fostering long-term relationships.

Lesson 12:

Seasonal Symphony: Menu & Service Customization

Seasonal Symphony emphasizes the importance of adapting offerings to seasons or trends. Using AI to customize menus and services ensures businesses stay relevant, attracting and retaining clients looking for variety and innovation.

Lesson 13:

Inventory Architects: Smart Management Solutions

Inventory Architects focuses on smart inventory management solutions using AI. By reducing waste and costs through streamlined inventory processes, businesses can ensure efficient operations, contributing to long-term client satisfaction.

Lesson 14:

Feedback Frontiers: Insightful Review Analysis

Feedback Frontiers delves into insightful review analysis. Utilizing AI to analyze customer feedback provides valuable insights for improvement, helping businesses enhance their offerings and retain clients.

Lesson 15:

Lean Operations: Strategies for Cost Reduction

Lean Operations explores strategies for cost reduction. By identifying and implementing cost-saving measures without compromising quality, businesses can ensure long-term sustainability and client satisfaction.

Lesson 16:

Green Pathways: Embracing Sustainability Initiatives

Green Pathways encourages embracing sustainability initiatives. By incorporating eco-friendly practices into business operations, businesses can appeal to environmentally conscious clients, fostering loyalty through shared values.


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Normally $197 - Get It Now For Just $47

WARNING! This special discounted price is only available during 

the launch period and the price will move up soon!

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